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TFSA’s rapidly growing footprint in Namibia 

The four workshops focused on e-commerce opportunities and key elements such as product branding, pricing, packaging and digital marketing, and featured entrepreneurs who shared their real-life successes and tips from their own e-commerce journeys. 

“I have been to so many capacity building workshops and I can confidently say I am so glad I came this one and actually learned how to proceed in my business.” Dalene Stephanus, Events Director, Swakopmund Food Festival

“32 years after independence and today I have appreciated our independence because of the help given to my business today.” Me Maria, Owner, Marula Syrup

Stacey Pinto, CEO of Namibia Trade Forum and former TFSA Namibia Country Lead, was equally pleased with the events. “These workshops, combined with the visit from the TFSA Team and the British High Commission Pretoria back in March, have really helped TFSA gain momentum in Namibia. With all the business support organisation partners coming together and the media coverage from the events, there has been so much interest both from the government and the private sector. I am so proud of these organisations TFSA is partnering with, such as NIPDB and NANCi, and the great work they are doing.”

NANCi (the Namibian Network of the Cosmetics Industry) is, with the support of TFSA, empowering manufacturers of health and beauty products using natural ingredients sourced locally in Namibia. Lab testing for such products can be a challenge in Namibia, especially for smaller businesses, and TFSA is helping companies access testing facilities accredited for European market requirements. This includes connecting manufacturers to reliable laboratories and developing individual product dossiers that detail product profiles and test results against international standards such as ISO and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Combined, this support helps facilitate the registration of products in the UK market cosmetics registry. 

Zodidi Gaseb, a member of NANCi and owner of African Naturals, is one of the companies currently awaiting test results. “Before sending the products to the lab, I was advised on how to tweak the formula for one of my products. This was really helpful, because it meant I could make a few corrections before sending it off to the lab, and not waste the time and effort.” 

Zodidi is truly maximising on the work TFSA is doing in Namibia. She recently completed TFSA’s regional Export Trade Training programme: “Honestly, I didn’t really want to sign up, but I’m so glad I did. I had done research in bits and pieces but, until now, I never had a step by step guide on how, as an entrepreneur, to actually be export ready. I got a lot of information from our mentor, who was really fantastic, especially in terms of certification.” Zodidi also participated in one of the NTF e-commerce workshops: “It was an amazing networking opportunity, and I learned a lot about how to improve my online presence and explore local logistics. I have a few more avenues to explore in Namibia and am hoping to be able to export to South Africa next year.”

It is truly exciting to see all this work coming together, and how TFSA complementary services help companies like African Naturals grow their business and enter new markets. Keep checking our website for updates on Zodidi and other powerhouses like her.