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Women in Trade

Women in trade face specific challenges and barriers

Investing in African women is investing in social impact and a country’s economic growth.

TFSA is fully committed to advancing Southern African women entrepreneurs. Our offering of export tools and guides has all the information needed to get your company export ready. We work with women-focussed business organisations in all six SACU+M countries that provide training in everything from defining your export strategy and writing your business plan to helping your products comply with international regulations. With this in place, your business will be much better placed to access finance.

Women in Trade News

Our Trade News Editor is constantly on the lookout for articles relevant to Southern African women entrepreneurs. Stay informed on the global opportunities for women in trade and findings from key sectors in the region.

The TFSA Women in Trade

Whatever the sector, whatever the country, we constantly come across amazing, inspiring women in trade. True role models to women everywhere who dream of seeing their products shipped off to international markets, we’re sharing some of their stories and experiences here.

WChannel Videos

Catch all the latest videos of inspiring women in trade. Our video archive features a mix of TFSA women in trade events and highlights and other clips and features that have inspired us.