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South Africa concludes record table grape season, though UK down slightly

South Africa’s 2021-22 table grape season has officially concluded, and the intakes reached a total of 77.7 million cartons (4,5kg equivalent), marking a 4% year-on-year increase, the SATI industry body said.

When comparing regional performance to the 2020-21 season, the Orange River and Hex River regions displayed the highest volumes inspected with an increase of 21% and 5%, respectively.

“We remain conscious of the challenges faced by producers as well as both the local and global challenges impacting the industry,” SATI said.

“SATI once again commends producers for their dedication and demanding work. We continue to seek solutions to the challenges faced this season and look forward to working as a collective to mitigate future challenges.”

For the last three seasons, intakes have increased from 66.1 million cartons in 2019-20 to 74.9 million cartons in 2021-21 and 77.7 in 2021-22. In comparison to 2018-19, however, exports to the UK they have decreased from 24% to 22%.

The increases have come despite plantings displaying a downward trend, decreasing from 21 798 ha in 2019-20 to 20 564 ha in 2021-22.

As for the different varietal categories, red seedless production decreased this season from 48% to 45%, black seeded declined from 2% to almost 0%, black seedless increased from 13% to 14%, and white seedless grapes production increased from 30% to 33%.

“When considering the international landscape, exports from Peru and Chile have been growing steadily,” SATI said. “This increased supply of grapes remains a threat to South Africa’s exports, and we need to track this to stay abreast of this matter, especially during specific windows.”

Source article: Produce Business UK