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TFSA export trade webinars series

Since its inception, TFSA has hosted three webinar series aimed at SACU+M businesses wanting to increase their export knowledge, venture into new markets (such as the EU & UK). With over 15 webinars that enable businesses to utilise digital market analysis tools to gain an understanding of existing export opportunities for regional players. In the months of August and September these informative and insightful webinar series came to a close. If you missed any of them or are looking for a refresher, we have great news! You can access all three series on our TFSA YouTube channel. Below is a brief description of what each series offers your export business.

The Trade Power Days webinar series co-hosted by TFSA and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce (JCCI) ran from 20 January to 10 March 2022. Created for Southern African firms looking to launch or boost their export trade, the series had guest speakers from Amazon presenting on opportunities in SACU+M, sessions on bilateral trade opportunities and online market places. This series had a combined participation of  over 500 individuals from private, public and government sectors. Here’s what one of them had to say:

“The first webinar I attended was on the UK market opportunities. I have since registered on the TFSA School of Export, and my knowledge about export is growing every day. The ITC Trademap, which I’m still learning to navigate, is also proving to be a great tool. All of this is really helping my small business thrive.”

Bavanisha Maharaj, General Sales Manager, Skams Components

The Navigating Digital Tools for export webinar series was created to assist the business community in reducing export related costs, identifying new markets and by deep diving in market gaps and opportunities in EU and UK markets to better understand the requirements and standards needed to boost their sales abroad. The webinars are tailored for the export business community across the Southern African Customs Union (Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa) and Mozambique. 

The innovative Meet the Buyer webinar series leveraged virtual spaces to create a  win-win opportunity for buyers and sellers to engage. The three online, and highly interactive, events delivered first-hand views and tips from importers and distributors of Southern African products into UK and EU markets, such as procurement representative from the UNGM, NHS and EU Commission, whilst introducing new potential suppliers of some of the region’s most sought-after agricultural produce. Each session featured presentations and interactions between sellers and buyers, and focused on some of the agricultural  sectors and their value chains in the region.