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Building Export Knowledge Centres for Mozambique’s economic diversity

Mozambique is well known for its ability to successfully yield diverse agricultural crops suitable for regional and global exports, not least under the fruits, nuts and vegetables umbrella. One requirement for building the export capacity of emerging businesses operating in the agricultural sector is to provide the necessary tools and resources to these firms to successfully enter new markets. This remains the core objective for TFSA . By forming partnerships with relevant business support organisations and providing training for exporters; access to information and export tools, we believe there is real potential for substantially growing Mozambique’s export trade. This belief was cemented during our visit in June, where we had the pleasure of meeting our business support partners that have completed training and those that are preparing to disseminate TFSA export interventions to their members. 

TFSA is proud to partner with the Mozambican Industrial Association (AIMO) to deliver training focused on providing information on Quality Management Systems to enable firms to qualify for ISO certification. The ISO standards for agriculture covers all aspects of farming, from irrigation and global positioning systems (GPS) to agricultural machinery, animal welfare and sustainable farm management. ISO standards help to promote effective farming methods while ensuring that everything in the supply chain – from farm to fork – meets adequate levels of safety and quality. The training of 14 emerging export businesses took place in Maputo on the 8th and 24th June 2022. 

With the content from this training, I hope to help my company in terms of Certification for the different ISO Norms, in order to improve performance and allow greater capacity to compete in the Market.”- Rucelino Genito, MozparksThrough our partnership with the Investment and Export Promotion Agency (APIEX), TFSA facilitated the SACU +Mozambique Economic Partnership Agreement training which equipped businesses and government officials to capitalise on the trade opportunities that exist under this agreement.  The EPA training was conducted in collaboration with the Mozambican Revenue Authority on 26th of May, were officials and private sector engaged each other on the customs realities faced in Mozambique. 

Watch the highlights of the topics discussed during this training.