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Knowledge Guide: Certificates of Origin and Origin Declarations in the EPA

‘Certificates of Origin and Origin Declarations’ focuses on some of the important and necessary administrative ‘paperwork’ aspects of the UK – SACU+M EPA, specifically the certificates of origin in support of qualifying ‘originating’ exports. Products that are originating may claim preferential trade status under the trade agreement; for Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique and Namibia that means all originating products may be exported to the UK duty-free, while 98% of products in originating in South Africa also qualify for duty-free status in the UK. The guide also provides information on when a certificate of origin in support of the origin status of a product is not required, and when an origin declaration made out by the exporter is sufficient.

This Knowledge Guide forms part of a series of TFSA quick-learning guides and materials on export-related topics. These guides are aimed at condensing often complex topics, of relevance to traders and potential exporters, into a more accessible and digestible format that can be referenced online or downloaded and printed for offline viewing.  

Download the guide at the link below.