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Knowledge Guide: Using barcodes for business and international trade

Using barcodes for business and international trade’ focuses on the use of product barcodes, an indispensable and largely compulsory product identification tool, particularly when goods are sold through retail channels. This guide explains what barcodes are and why they are needed in business and for international trade, the benefits of using barcodes (with a focus on the 1-dimensional product barcodes), the different types of barcodes and their meaning, as well as a basic step by step guide on how to go about registering your business for purposes of barcodes, and assigning barcodes to your products.

This Knowledge Guide forms part of a series of TFSA quick learning guides and materials on export-related topics. These guides are aimed at condensing often complex topics, of relevance to traders and potential exporters, into a more accessible and digestible format that can be referenced online or downloaded and printed for offline viewing.  

Download the guide at the link below.